Gauchos are South American cattlemen, much like the cowboys of North America. They live in the pampas of South America, roaming as horsemen and cowhands. The classic Gauchos were mostly mestizos, people of mixed European and Indian culture. There are as many different Gauchos as the many different terrains there are in South America.

The Pampas is the region of Argentina where most of the Gauchos live. The territory is a large flat plain named after the Quechum Indian word which means “level land”, and covers one-fifth of the country, approximately 403,000 square miles.

Argentina and Uruguay are the countries in which the Gauchos are most abundant and are an important part of their folklore. Not only this, but the gauchos were very important in herding cattle on the pampas for both of the countries. Some other countries where there still are Gauchos in South America are Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru.

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