Inspired by the gaucho aesthetics, ÀCHEVAL PAMPA is galloping fiercely across the fields of fashion.

The gauchos, the horse riders that cross the plains in the adjacent areas of southern Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil; characterized by their courage and vigour. They’re mostly rural, independent and nomadic men with Creole and indigenous ancestry, who settled in the pampas, south of the Americas and accentuate a unique elegance with their traditional apparel.

Strong functional garments to ride and protect themselves from the cold; usually with earth-colored ponchos, pants called “bombachas” and leather belts adorned with coins. They are the great inspiration to create ÀCHEVAL, a pun on one of its founders last name “Achaval” and “À cheval”, the French phrase for “on horseback”

The argento-Parisian charm of its style has crossed Latin American fields to make Europe fall in love as strongly as the galloping of a running horse, positioning itself as a timeless, representative brand that combines the gaucho vibes with the most delightful sophistication and reinvents the rules while rumbling from the pampas.