“Women love jewelry”: we hear this phrase from time to time, but we believe it means more than just having some preferences on what women like to wear. Each woman has her own unique style to pull off on a daily basis… when she gets ready to face and run her world.

Once a woman decides how to show who they are and which are the things they relate to the most; that’s the moment when symbols play an important role: stars, hearts, the initials of their names or simply some special symbol with a deep meaning only they knew go a long way.

When we talk about meaningful symbols, it is impossible not to give the zodiac signs a place in the favorite standard. The charm and the secrets of astrology trap women who find on their astrological sign and date of birth, a guide of knowledge about themselves, their abilities, their attitudes and the best tips on how to deal with the adversities of life; also because, zodiac signs are influenced by the power of nature elements such as fire, air, earth and water, which provide a unique energy that affects their behaviour in a specific way.

Inspired by the magic vibes of the astrological universe, ÀCHEVAL PAMPA searched the perfect way to enrich its portfolio with an enchanting jewelry collection that fits a fresh romantic look as exquisitely as a powerful outstanding look. It was the Argentine designer Luna Paiva the chosen one to bring it to life.

ÀCHEVAL PAMPA presents “Zodiac”: a collection of bright golden necklaces finely shaped as astrological signs to create a combination of mystery and sophistication, energy and esotericism, magic and fashion.